Daniela Marin. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL)

HSF Scholar, EDGE Fellow (Stanford), GEM Fellow, Latina, engineer, blogger

Daniela Marin

Hi everyone! I wanted to give a personal introduction on this page. The will be a brief overview of life growing up, my motivation, inspiration and passions, and my research and experience.

Growing up

I was born in a relatively small city in Western Colorado. Here, I grew a deep respect for nature. In high school, I took AP calculus my junior year, and AP physics my senior year. I fell in love with physics and math and decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in physics at William Jewell College and chemical engineering at Columbia University. In September 2020, I will be starting my PhD at my dream school, Stanford University, with full funding.

My Motivation

Of course I will talk about my family in my bio because I value them. My parents are immigrants from Mexico, and I think very highly of them. I thank them for teaching me two languages and instilling in me the importance of education. My family has supported me throughout my time in college both financially and emotionally. I am indebted to them; I am especially thankful to my brothers for their support and for setting an example of doing what it takes to get what you want.

My Inspiration

Growing up as a low-income student, the struggles were as real as it gets. I would spend a lot of time using the computers at the public library to do research. I wasn’t planning on attending college, but it was my HS physics professor that inspired me. All he said was something along the lines of, “Daniela, you are really good at physics. You would be a great engineer.” That was all I needed. Someone to believe in my capabilities.

I would love to be a mentor for someone, so if you know any student that is facing similar struggles, please reach out!

My Passion

Some people realize their passions in high school, others in college, and others much later. I developed mine in college and am still figuring it out. My goal is to create technologies that will benefit both the environment and society. I plan on using my skills to work on research that will be implemented in the industry. Eventually, I would love to be a leader, but that goal is still loading.



Fluid instabilities

Atmospheric aerosols


Post-Undergrad Research Intern at the National Renewable Energy Lab, Polymers team
(2019 – 2020)
Worked on developing bio-based epoxy thermosets and characterizing their properties to their petroleum-based counterparts. Synthesized bio-based polyamides for comparison with computational models. Constructed standard operating procedures for lab equipment and several synthesis processes.

Research Assistant at Columbia University, McNeill Group
(2017 – 2019)
Assembled a 6 cubic foot chamber and constructed and monitored large-scale experiments that run for 12 hours. Analyzed particle growth patterns upon exposure to UV light with ambient intensity.

Research Assistant at William Jewell College Department of Physics
(2014 – 2017)
Used polymerization techniques to stabilize viscous fingering patterns. Characterized fluid flow at 3 thicknesses, 6 flowrates, and 5 reaction rates